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Home to decades of collaboration between Suni Paz and renowned authors Alma Flor Ada and Francisca Isabel Campoy, and a vast offering of the best in children's educational materials.

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Suni Paz sings Tierra Querida

from her Smithsonian Folkways album, Bandera Mia.


Cantos de Las Posadas and Other Christmas Songs (recorded by Elena Paz and Carlos Garcia Travesi), 1963, Folkways Records[6]

Brotando del Silencio - Breaking Out of the Silence, 1973, Paredon Records[7]

Entre Hermanas: Between Sisters: Women's Songs in Spanish Sung by Suni Paz, 1977, Folkways Records[8]

From the Sky of My Childhood / Del Cielo de Mi Ninez - Folk Songs from Latin America sung by Suni Paz, 1979, Folkways Records[9]

Earth and Ocean Songs: Canciones del Mar y de la Tierra, 1982, Folkways Records[10]

Hagamos Camimos: Andamos Student, 1986, Addison-Wesley

Brotes Sobre el Papel: Buds on Paper, 1987, Suni Paz

La Pajara Pinta, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Manana es Domingo, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Estaba la Pastora, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Las Semillas Magicas, 1988, Santillana Publishing

La Bella Durmiente, 1988, Santillana Publishing

La cenicienta, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Caperucita Roja, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Blancanieves, 1988, Santillana Publishing

Alerta Sings and Songs for the Playground/ Canciones Para el Recreo, 1989, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[11]

Aprender Cantando, 1990, Alma Flor Ada-Suni Paz[12]

Songs in Spanish, 1992, Sanctuary Wooks-Scholastic

Amigos, 1994, Rei American

El Viejo Abuelo, 1995, Scholastic

Musica Matematica, 1995, Scholastic

Cantando con Suni Paz, 1995, Scholastic

Abecedario de los Animales, 1996, Alma Flor Ada-Suni Paz[13]

Waves, 1996, Mimosa

Como Una Flor, 1996, Alma Flor Ada-Suni Paz[14]

Ceielo Abierto (K-2nd Grade), 1996, Harcourt-Brace

Cuentos Cantados (K-3rd Grade), 1997, Mimosa

Gathering the Sun, 1997, Alma Flor Ada-Suni Paz[15]

Canciones Para el Recreo: Children's Songs for the Playground, 1998, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[16]

Smithsonian Folkways Children's Collection, 1998, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[17]

Alerta Sings and Songs for the Playground/ Canciones Para el Recreo, 2000, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[18]

Raíces Latinas: Smithsonian Folkways Latino Roots Collection, 2002, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[19]

Bandera Mía: Songs of Argentina, 2007, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings[20]